Staff Handbook Policies


Our Employment and Staff Handbook Policies provide employers with a comprehensive range of HR policies which can be used on their own or incorporated into a Staff Handbook. Policies need to be adapted to match the culture and size of the organisation.

Small organisations will only need a few employment policies and procedures but, as the organisation grows, the need for Employment policies will change. New policies will need to be developed and all organisations should review their HR policies on a regular basis. Employees must be made aware of your polices at the start of their employment and, during the course of their employment, employment policies must be readily accessible to all employees. Hard copies can be given to employees or put on notice boards, or circulated by email or placed on an intranet.

Company Staff Handbook policies must be consistently applied in order to be effective.

Staff Training and Development Documents


Training and development activities are crucial to improving business performance and can help prevent excessive turnover. It is important that training and development policies are fair and clear both from an employee’s point of view and in terms of protecting the employer’s investment in staff.

The training plan helps employers to plan their training activities and the training review form gives structured feedback on the effectiveness of the training delivered.

Structured performance appraisals offer another way of improving a company’s performance. They provide an ideal opportunity to discuss with individual employees their strengths and weaknesses and agree new aims and objectives with them.

Performance appraisals should take place during, and at the end of, the probationary period and once or twice per year thereafter.

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