Service and Service Level Agreements

From simple general service agreements to fully-fledged service level agreements, our documents will help to ensure the smooth and efficient provision of services to both business and consumer clients. And will guide both businesses and their clients through the stages of a service transaction from the initial viewing of standard terms of business to the final signing of a negotiated contract.

When providing services in the course of business, whether to other businesses or to consumers considerable value can be found in a Service Agreement.

A Standard Service Agreement provides a useful starting point for a variety of different services. Individual terms and conditions can be negotiated and services specified in detail, while standard elements of the contract are already taken care of.

A completed Service Agreement should ensure that both parties are fully aware of their rights and obligations and should protect the interests of both parties.

Commonly used in the IT field, but equally applicable in other areas of business (particularly where large-scale or complex services are involved), Service Level Agreements not only clearly set out the services to be provided under a contract but also detail negotiable and enforceable performance requirements. The parties to a Service Level Agreement will benefit from the enhanced clarity, efficiency and accountability inherent in such a contract over and above standard service agreements.

In addition, Service Level Agreements allow for considerable flexibility and negotiation by way of regular agreement reviews.

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