Internet and IT Policies

We could be brazen enough to state that every business uses the internet to a degree to run their business, this is why it is so important to ensure that we are safe whilst doing so- not only to protect our business but to protect our future.

Our Internet and E-Commerce documents cover a broad range of legal and business matters relating to the development, management and use of websites and are widely applicable owing to their flexible and professional drafting.

From the management of website development and hosting, through dealing with domain names and online partners to the terms of use governing end-users, these documents are applicable to any business looking to establish or enhance its presence on the web.

These are tailored to fit the specific requirements of a broad range of businesses and an equally broad range of circumstances, for example:

Website Design and Development Agreements
Advertising & Marketing Documents
Website Terms of Use,
Privacy Policy and Disclaimers
Website Hosting and Support Agreements
Affiliate and Link Agreements
Domain Name Agreements




IT and Software

Software plays a key role in business and our legal documents will assist your business in both the acquisition and creation of software in a variety of forms ranging from online software from ASPs to documentation supporting key stages of the software development process.

Whether your business is procuring software or producing it, the process can be greatly simplified for all parties concerned.

Examples of the types of agreements we can prepare under this category are:

ASP Agreements
Software Licence Agreements
Software Development and Testing Agreements
Open Source Software Licences
Database Agreements
IT & Data Protection Policies

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