Essential Business Agreements and Contracts.


Contractors, whether by default or by necessity will sometimes need to employ the services of sub-contractors.

Our Sub-Contractor Agreements will give contractors considerable flexibility in rendering their services, allowing for an increase in working capacity and, in many cases, in specialist knowledge or skills. Especially relevant in the construction industry, but also valuable in many other sectors- Sub-Contractor Agreements allow contractors to take on additional workers or businesses on a short (or fixed) term basis.

Key considerations to bear in mind are that the agreement between the contractor and their own client must permit sub-contracting; and that the relationship between the contractor and the sub-contractor must meet certain criteria to ensure that the sub-contractor retains self-employed status.


Many professions are popular for freelancers. Using freelancers in business has many advantages, both for the professionals concerned and their clients.

Designed for use for a range of professions, our Freelancer Agreements carefully regulate the relationship between freelancers and their clients. Close attention has been paid to IR35 requirements and by using these documents, freelancers will be one important step closer to retaining the independence required by IR35.


In certain situations, it may not be practical or even desirable to take on a full-time employee; particularly if specialist knowledge or experience is only required for a limited period. A consultant is often the answer.

A Consultancy Agreement will clearly define the services that are to be provided by the consultant. Consultancy agreements protect the interests of both parties, ensuring that the consultant is paid; and safeguarding valuable business information and intellectual property belonging to the client. Additional protection may come from the inclusion of non-competition and non-solicitation measures, limiting consultants’ freedom to provide services for competitors and to “poach” staff.

Whilst reasonable limits should be observed, a balanced Consultancy Agreement will ensure the maximum benefit for all concerned, providing a clear structure for an efficient and effective business relationship.

Introducers and Commission

Our Introducer, Fee and Commission Agreements are designed to protect the "introducing" party and help ensure that they get paid for the services provided. Whether or not you are introducing business or potential business to known or new contacts it is always advisable to ensure that the "introduction" relationship is properly documented.

The role of the "middleman" is often underestimated and abused once parties have been introduced, so the importance of documenting the relationship at the outset should provide the parties with a clear definition of their obligations and undertakings.

Having an Introducer Fee, or Commission Agreement in place will also facilitate the negotiation of key variables, such as referral fees and commission rates and also competition, confidentiality, non-circumvention and non-solicitation issues.

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